Witness of fear

Witness of fear

Autor: Carlos Alberto Lima Coelho

ISBN 9788578935894

Páginas 146

Edição: 2010

Formato: 14 X 21 X 0,68

Coloração: Preto/branco

Peso: 0,19/kg

Tipo de Papel: 75 Gramas offset

Editora: Biblioteca24horas

Preço: R$ 43,49 R$ 21,17
The plot, hatched from a psychological condition in which the emotional strain of the author is taken to the limits of exasperation towards humanity, coming to point you to the defects, but not crucify it, is guiding the daily, the day-to-day of a big city that terrifies the pact professional who leaves his quiet and beloved St. Louis, which departs from family life to live an expected end of the world, to face inhuman battle in which men battle it out diuturnamente the megalopolis that is São Paulo. This momentary cessation, violence, lack of love and tragedy come together, making the horror that seizes the narrator serves to revive in his mind curious aspects of our life, including facts in the labor experienced professional. It is from these memories that the man takes off from social-political convenience and without half-words, spear, the reader's understanding, reflections as: "... Social problems that are often discussed at round tables, annotated by experts, who fought for the right, but the solution so far has not appeared and will not appear "... or, "... no concern is felt by those who hold power in their hands, if not, in fact, molested."

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